Wednesday, 4 May 2011

shout out to girls with insomnia..............

i have a brief theory to share with everyone (i say everyone now because i just broke 2000 hits.whaddup). my theory is that girls who suffer from insomnia are clearly inteligent, articulate and valued members of society. i say this because i think women who suffer from insomnia must have more ruuning around their heads, doubts, insecurities, worries. i like that, it shows a deepness, proves that they are not just another vapid individual. my theory revolves around the idea that vapid, shallow girls fall straight asleep, because they have precious little in the way of thoughts running around their heads.

im hoping that this post doesnt come off as sexist, or make me sound shallow for that matter, i can assure you that i am far from being either. its just a theory. somebody sparked the thought on facebook, and it started to take shape in my head. i think the reverse is true too, it can be applied to men as well from a womens perspective. use it dont use it, i could give a fuck.

the chunky hipster

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