Wednesday, 4 May 2011

im no conspiracy theorist, but............................

just barely after posting that i was stoked that the navy seals shot osama, the news broke that the usa, in all their wisdom, are not going to be releasing ant photos of the operation. now, in my very humble opinion, they have bitched the fuck out, either they dony have the pics, becuase its bullshit and he is still cave chilling, or they really fucked him up and are now trying to cover their tracks so they dont get in shit. that is more swearing than i generally care to do, but i am really pissed.

the usa have no right to announce something like killing the worlds most wanted man, its like me saying that i have an incredible secret but i cant tell you, it is school yard bullshit. the usa need to man up, you either got him or you didnt, i dont give a fuck, but this is just a cop out. the word is that obama does not wish to make the "inflamatory" picture public. that is ridiculous, what could be worse than announcing to the world that you have killed the biggest religious fundamentalist in history? i think anyone that would be pissed off by the news of his death is already pissed off, the proof isnt going to piss tham off further, it may have the opposite effect. a large chunk of the religious arab population already think this is just another american lie, prove them wrong obama. if the picture is too graphic, gruesome etc, censor it, they blew the top of his head off, so show us the bottom half.

i dont care too much for the conspiracy theorists, but i cant blame people for considering it. not releasing the picture, the proof of this grand allegation, is just adding to the seed of doubt that exists in even the impartials minds.

by the way, i am currently sleeping with numerous supermodels, an actress and several singers, i totally am, but i cant prove it....

seriously barack, we are big boys, we can take it......if you have it that is.....

the chunky hipster

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