Thursday, 28 July 2011


there are so many funny footy pics out there, so when i see em, i have to post more of them. i love the game, possibly not as much as these dudes though.... enjoy

the chunky hipster

Saturday, 23 July 2011

back once again like the bitch face mASTER...

so with the new season a mere few weeks away i have rounded up some new funny football pics, including a new segment of fernando torres makes bitch faces.... enjoy....

the chunky hipster

Monday, 18 July 2011

the watch the throne sessions....

these are some session shots from jay z and kanye wests upcoming collab called watch the throne....... i personally cannot wait....

this is just a cool jacket though,no relation.....

this is ye and jigga man. two of the coolest people on the planet. its actually retarded how cool these guys are.

kanye west's sneakers....... these cost like R10 000..... just saying..

these are just chucks. but they are awesome non the less....

this is a plastic model pigeon..... not sure why it exists,but i like the lil dude.

the chunky hipster

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

back on it....

allstars...chucks, whatever you call them, cant beat them.

this is a clock that is supposed to look like a bomb. i think they nailed it. i want one.

i like all of these. but my rampant consumerism is being put on hold at the moment because i need a new mixer, and they dont come cheap.

the chunky hipster

Monday, 4 July 2011

back like duke nukem

whats good people.

i have been struggling to find the time to update ye olde blog recently. much football has taken place and there have even been occurances of social activity (yes, it can happen in knysna). i dont have much blog worthy news at the moment, mostly because i dont want to throw anyone under the bus so to speak. i can tell you that i will be posting some football related stuff in the coming weeks as we build up to the kick off of a new season which seems to have some serious potential. i am excited about liverpool again, it feels good, i was struggling to keep the faith i must admit. i may also throw up a mix, or several. ive been spending a lot of free time on the ones and twos, the wheels of steel if you will,turntables if you wont. im also still writting a piece about modern culture and the lack of taboo that remains regarding tattoos. im on it.

the chunky hipster