Friday, 16 March 2012

its friday bitches and bitchettes........ new mix time

its friday people, and that can only mean one thing, its mini mix time from your favorite chunky individual. here is the link, get it while its hot.... this week includes filthy dirty electro with a good helping of bass. my ears hurt. I'm serious, its biiiiiiig.

the chunky hipster

Saturday, 10 March 2012

new mix..............

do you like daft punk?...........of course you do, what am i saying. do you like adele's vocals?......... do you like wacky electronic nu disco funk?..........
if you do, its your lucky day, because below you will find a link to media fire to download my weekly mini mix that contains all of the above funk..... get it, got it, gooooooood. cop it, share it, play it, enjoy it.

ahh yeahhh

the chunky hipster

Sunday, 4 March 2012

accapella eclectic electric minmix............

i did a short mix for the launch of my tumblr....... its jam packed with older rap accapellas, profanity and weird electronic music, i even threw in a kings of leon riff loop for you.

anyway, here is the link to the mix on mediafire, enjoy it, hate it, share it...

here is the link to my tumblr while I'm at it.

the chunky hipster

Thursday, 1 March 2012


so as if you don't see and hear from me enough, the chunky hipster blog has branched out into the weird and wonderful (albeit complex) world of

i would encourage you all to go and have a peep at my tumblr----

its a little different visually, but I'm having fun with it. i would highly recommend it.

peace, love, acid, boobs, wtf, etc

the chunky hipster