Thursday, 19 May 2011

back on the scene, crispy and clean.........

so.... i'm back, its been about a week since my last post and since then some stuff has gone down. the reason for my lack has been a minor disagreement with an internet service provider. i wont name names, but mtn are useless...oops, did i let that slip? dont care, screw them, they have been responsible for my blog withdrawls.

so, i am currently in the throes of pre-exam panicing and cramming sessions. all i will say on that subject is that if statistical analysis was a person, i would kick it in the shins and wish harm on their firstborn.

this last week also involved the small matter of local government elections, a matter that has been debated at great lengths so i wont get into it much, but it is an intresting subject. the people from my generation that i have spoken to about this subject are literally split into 50-50, half voted (proudly, and purposefully) and half didnt vote (also proudly and deliberately). i didnt vote, not because i chose not to, but because i am registered in knysna but am currently in joburg.

so that is about all. i also have a few more food reviews and some other news to post, but i am a bit stressed for time so it will have to wait.

oh, and thanks for the hits and support. getting those numbers up mean a lot. really enjoying the process of seeing where this blog is going.


the chunky hipster

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