Friday, 6 April 2012

the good friday feel good godly jam mix..........

the time to eat chocolate animals and eggs is once again upon us, I'm not big into the more holiday ish parts of scripture as being literal interpretations of supposed events, but thats an argument for another day. i respect everyones right to believe in whatever they want and i would like to think that they would allow me that basic right too, although as I'm sure people will no doubt reply to this and tell me how wrong i am, i am mistaken in assuming the best of people.

anyway, beliefs and fairytales aside, i made a mini mix for your asses. so party people in the place to be, or just in your homes at your family gatherings, please download this and enjoy a mellowish 110bpm edit of some funky odd electro. including a new track closing out the mix, produced by converse as an advertising ploy, but its actually good. it features mark foster of foster the people, kimbra, who we all now know from that gotye joint, and my favorite dj/ producer/ jewish guy a-trak. hope you enjoy.

the chunky hipster

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