Wednesday, 4 January 2012

a brave new world..........

a new year is upon us. resolutions have been made,and no doubt already broken. for me this year is of greater importance than usual. for one, i plan to graduate, something that has been a long time coming and in the opinions of some, a long time over due. this may mean precious little to you, because you the reader, may have graduated already, maybe you already have a job, or perhaps you are at the other end of the spectrum and are still a student of some sort. to those of you still tied to an academic institution of some sort, all i can say to you is enjoy it, its over before you come to realise how important it all is. to those of you that have moved past that stage, i hope its all what you wanted it to be and you havnt just settled for an uninspiringly safe option.

one thing i have learned recently is that nowadays people are more inclined to compromise their dreams, their ambitions if it means that they can get a job today, so that they dont have to worry about not having one tomorrow. sadly, i have come to realise that these people have the right approach. in times like these, people just consider themselves lucky to have a job, a 9-5.

it seems that qualifications take the proverbial back seat to expirience in many cases nowadays. unless of course you happen to be a nuerosurgeon or the like. the only problem with this relatively sound theory is that it seems that this initial expirience is quite hard to come by. i can personally vouch for this, it seems that it can be easier for an expirienced individual to later gain a qualification than it is for a qualified person to gain expirience in a relevant industry.

the idea that a person has to be willing to work their way up from the bottom seems to be lost on my generation, which makes me more than slightly frustrated and leaves an entire generation of graduates at a self imposed disadvantage. all i know for sure though is that when somebody sees something in me that is great enough to allow them to take a chance on me, im not going to say no thanks, im going to take it and turn it into something special.

as children we are told to follow our dreams, as teenagers we are told to find something we love, and as graduates we are told to settle for a job. i guess things change.

the chunky hipster

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