Saturday, 17 December 2011

the dodgy russian may strike at any moment................

the position of chelsea fc manager probably has the highest risk factor in modern football, the average amount of time a manager can expect to be in charge of the chavs is just over a season, not that the managers really care. the chelsea job is one of the highest paid jobs in football, and they dont exactly only sign a manger for a season, which does seem to be the more logical thing to do, especially when the clubs owner goes through mangers like he does yachts. so win or lose, most mangers can only expect to have the job short term, and then have a nice large golden handshake to look forward to as the rest of their contract is paid out. you have to admire the lunacy and complexity of the football industry......

i suggest you all go and look at the site, it makes me laugh and feel sad at the same time. football is a bit of a joke really. well done roman, youve ruined it for us all.

the chunky hipster

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