Monday, 4 July 2011

back like duke nukem

whats good people.

i have been struggling to find the time to update ye olde blog recently. much football has taken place and there have even been occurances of social activity (yes, it can happen in knysna). i dont have much blog worthy news at the moment, mostly because i dont want to throw anyone under the bus so to speak. i can tell you that i will be posting some football related stuff in the coming weeks as we build up to the kick off of a new season which seems to have some serious potential. i am excited about liverpool again, it feels good, i was struggling to keep the faith i must admit. i may also throw up a mix, or several. ive been spending a lot of free time on the ones and twos, the wheels of steel if you will,turntables if you wont. im also still writting a piece about modern culture and the lack of taboo that remains regarding tattoos. im on it.

the chunky hipster

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