Monday, 2 May 2011

thor, is a piece of cheesy pooh.......

so i know that there are more important issues in the world today, a truely evil man was put in a watery grave, but i went to see a movie, and once again, i feel the need to comment.

i went to see thor this afternoon, i dont want to get in specifics, but this is the worst super hero movie of recent years, its cheesy, badly scripted, edited and filmed. i wouldnt recomend it, but i know many people will feel compelled to check it out befor the next few super hero/comic movies come out (they are all connected, building towards one huge saga). the story line is almost laughable, at time incomprehensible and really not worth my ill gotten cash money.

i also want to add, that although i am blogging this (and am thus no better than the people i am about to criticise), i cant beleive the number of people talking about their relationships, friends, petty drama etc. on facebook and literally showing no acknowledgement of a significant moment in history. clearly, your relationship drama is far more interesting than an opponent to the free world and western civilization meeting his end. bigger picture people, a little perspective is in order, but oh yeah, thor sucks.dont see it.

the chunky hipster

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