Wednesday, 4 May 2011

so the dude is dead....................

so this is the current cover of time magazine, i think its pretty appropriate. it took them a long time, but they got him, so yay navy seals..........

i dont have too much to say on the subject of osama being killed. overall i think it was a good thing, symbolic if nothing else. i quite like all things special forces, the secrecy of it all is incredibly intriguing to me.

the only point i wish to make is my confusion regarding the disposal of his body. my issue is not with him being dumped in the sea, that was good enough for megatron in transformers so why not osama. my issue is with the fact that they allegedly gave him an arab/muslim appropriate burial at sea.

i do not understand or support the usa giving him a religiously appropriate burial. why would they care and humour and facilitate a religious burial for the man who has killed thousands of people in the name of his god and religion. that is laughable, he doesnt deserve that simple decency. did he give those who he was responsible for killing an appropriate burial? no, he laughed at the west, he told his fighters to drag the deceased through the streets.

i think he should have been dumped into the sea from a great height, wrapped in an american flag, by the good old navy seals who shot him. his rights dont mean a damn thing to me, he hated the west, he hated freedom and civilization, so why should his wishes be honored at the last.

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