Friday, 20 May 2011


so i have always had this theory, that anyone who wants to become a politician should automatically be disqualified from ever becoming one. that is not to say that one cannot be interested in politics, i certainly am, it was my minor for a while, but there is a difference to being politically invested and being politically motivated. but non of this is actaully what im getting into in this post, the purpose of this post is to voice a few of the thoughts that have been having a block party in my head this week.

this week was the week of local government elections and all the arguments that take place in bars that go with it. all of my social networking sites have been full of comments regarding he elections, most of which were of a "i am proud to have voted" or "i dont give a shit" nature. i personally didnt vote, my reason, not that i owe anyone one anyway, was that i am in jhb and i am registered in cx, i could have got an absentee vote, but i only discovered that after the fact. i have been genuinely impressed and amazed by all he voting-related status updates and comments and all the arguing that went along with it.

the arguments generally went along the lines of people questioning others on their motives for voting or not voting. i pride myself on a "whatever makes you happy" kind of lifestyle and mindset, so i didnt really get into it with anyone. when i comes to voting, especially in south africa, i think if you can vote, you should vote, simply becuase there were so many people not too long ago who would have literaly given their lives for a voice. the argument that voting against the ruling party really doesnt make a difference isnt really valid anymore, simply because voting scares the anc, it forces them to do a better job. anything is worth trying to make them do a better job.

so if you didnt vote, that is your right, just as much as voting is, i just wish people wouldnt take it as lightly as they do, on both counts. i also wish people would keep it to themselves. you dont have to share things like this. disclosing how you vote or dont vote serves no purpose and as i have seen this week, it causes more trouble than its worth.

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