Saturday, 30 April 2011

wandering around my past.....

my family has a history in jozi, i think thats why i like it up here so much, there are so many places that mean so much to me. today, for example, i went for a quick lunch and a ramble around at the wanderers club. the wanderers is a huge part of my family heritage, my grandfather was the secretary for the quagga barbarians rugby team and an all around great guy. my parents had their weding reception there and my grandfather's wake also took place there. i have been going there since i was a baby, but i had not been back in the last ten years, until today. i truely love the place, its a throw back, part of the old world (think the playboy mansion meets a gentemens sports club), i love the bars, the underground billiards room, the ball rooms, you can really feel the history. its  a place where my grandad got drunk, where he took my dad when he started seeing my mom. im glad i went back, i will be returning for more often in the future, i need to keep my family prescence there intact.

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