Tuesday, 12 April 2011

whats the point

so, im up in joburg at the moment, its got a pretty great energy, even going to the movies is better up here (i sound like a serious backwoodsman right now), anyway, today was a slow day, i went to the movies, it was good, good movie, good popcorn, all good. trailers tho, went well up until i saw the much anticipated green lantern trailer. everyting was going fine, ryan reynolds is funny, blake livey is not terrible to look at, plot seems pretty solid (considering it is a comic book inspired movie), then we see the green antern suit, problem. its bad, super super camp, distractingly ridiculous, it looks like a rubber, anorexix green batman suit, the one with the nipples. anyway, disapointed, think it looks dumb and will distract from the film. to me it looks like a gay pride costume, which has its place, but not in a super hero movie.

my two cents, use it, dont use it, i dont care.

the chunky hipster

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