Monday, 11 April 2011

things i never leave home without

so, as a guy, its difficult for some people to understand my obsession with stuff. like jeans, and sneakers, i own like fifteen pairs of sneakers, this becomes a logistical problem when traveling, how can i be expected to choose which kicks will accompany me. as a general rule, to simpify, i usually opt to take with me my signiture pair of white chuck taylors, high or low, whichever is closest to my bag. im rambling, getting off topic.
anyway, the list:

firstly, a classic pair of jeans, not too worn, not skinny,not baggy, the kind you can dress up or down, get it got it good.
i never go away without my vintage beatles tee, just this weekend i held a lion cub in it. its been around, im never getting rid of it.
always have a good sweater, im currently quite fond of my grey vertigo cardigan, i tend to stick to classic looks
my chuck taylors, we covered that.
my ipod touch never stays behind, loaded with new music to run through and my go to staples for every occassion.
good headphones, currently using a pair of nixon troopers, they have a great crisp sound and fit pretty good, im moving away from in ear phones mainly because then when i dj, my bigger external cans feel strange.
finally, cologne, no explaination needed, if you feel that im not explaining that one well enough, you may be smelly.

i het a lot of stick of the boys for being anal about this stuff, most guys just stuff shit in a bag, i cant do that shit, i have a mild ocd issue.

ahhh ahh yeahhh the chunky hipster

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