Monday, 25 April 2011

no sleep til'

so, im back, i realise i havnt posted in a while, but iv been busy. give a guy a break gosh (napolean dynamite voice). so, its monday evening, iv had some beer, and im back on my blogging shit. this weekend i went away, we left on thursday, our destination was durban. i met a girl, she was interesting, she was rubbish at rock-paper-scissors and struggled on occasion to distinguish right from left (this i found slightly worrying, she is becoming an architect). but she did, get us some awesome waffles, and use the word vapid, i liked that, i know many girls who dont know what vapid means. i wonder if a lack of knowing the meaning of the word renders one the subject of the term....anyway, i like interesting people, so it was a bonus, im always worried though that i will meet an interesting person and they wil think i am boring (the nuerosis is strong in me),but im getting sidetracked.

we left for a place a little south of durban, it was nice, some people went diving, i slept in. i like that part of the world, its tropical, scenic, and thats high praise from me given the fact that i hail from knysna. so natal gets a thumbs up, its women are also not horrible to look at. we went for a curry one night (i know right, going for a curry in durban is like getting pasta in italy), the curry was good, and i dont like curry.

so all in all, it was a good weekend, a weekend of pleasant surprises accross the board. good places,people, food, it hit all the pleasure sensors. i also listened to a lot of great music, the beastie boys cropped up in the rotation a few times, this is appropriate due to the fact that they are apparently back in the white boy rap game. this is a good thing, the world needs more funky white guys, especially in hip hop, eminem really has too big of a market share.

these are the dudes in question for those who dont know......................

the chunky hipster

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