Friday, 15 April 2011

my friday @ the turn and tender...

i have decided that from time to time, i will review and pass judgement on places that offer food in exchange for my ill gotten goes.....

so amigos and amigas, its friday night, im in jozi and im looking for some good eating. long story short, i found what i was after at the turn and tender in illovo (sandton adjacent). so its a meat joint, a place you go to satisfy your blood lust. i got a piece of prime rib, it was muy bueno (very good, for those of you who dont 'habla espanyol'), well basted, cooked well, with some  awesome onion rings and fries (ahh yeahh). i am not so easily won over when it comes to steak (and cocktails now that i think of it) but this joint was the freakin truth, it had a kind of new york vibe, which i never object to. i needed protien, to smear my face with some blood so to speak, it was most satisfying. i am now full, my belly is happy with its cow and potato filling, its almost purring.

sorry if this ounds graphic, but thats me, i like words.
the chunky hipster

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