Saturday, 16 April 2011

like we always do at this time............

so, i like kanye west, i always have. the college drop out came out and i was hooked, i already knew who he was because of his producing credentials (jay z etc), but his solo record blew me away. socially conscious hip hop, it was nuerotic, honest, self depricating while at the same time having an air of confidence, arrogance some would say (and shit, maybe they are right). the man is a true individual in every facet of his life. creatively he is un-matched, with the possible exception of jay z.

i was hooked, he reeled me in, so when i got the chance to see him in cape town, i got my road trip on and went to see him. a trak was his tour dj back then, so i unwittingly got introduced to another huge influence of mine. the guy just had such style, rapping in a preppy pink polo shirt, un heard of in hip hop.

so, i remain to this day, a loyal supporter of yeezy. he is a bit crazy, but which mega star isnt? i might be going a bit far here, but kanye west has a real rock n roll quality, not musically so much, but in his personality, his attitude of fuck it, imma do what ever i want to do, is very rock and roll. do one republic hijack awards shows? do the fray proclaim themselves as the best in history? do the kilers openly question the talents of others? no, they dont, but the greats always do, the ramones, led zepplin, they have an air of confidence, often misjudged as arrogance, either rightly or wrongly, they are heard, they are remembered.

so i think the world needs kanye, we need people like him to keep the other people in the music industry on their toes. call him a genius, call him an ass hole, he doesnt care, but he knows you are talking about him, and thats what he wants, to be remembered, to be great.

and i like the fact that the dude has style that is his own.

the chunky hipster

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