Monday, 11 April 2011

i cannot lie, i am a red

my dad is from scotland, a certain individual by the name of kenny dalgliesh is also a scot. my dad grew up watching king kenny play for celtic, even though he was a rangers supporter. when kenny went to liverpool, so did my dad. my dad is a true red, through and through, not overly vocal, not a fanatical lunatic on the terraces, but a quietly confident cautiously optimistic. hes part of the old school of liverpool, a man who has frequented anfield and other grounds to watch the reds more times than i have had birthdays. it was a foregone conclusion that i would be a red, but i had to develope my own relationship with the club, a relationship that turned into a full blown affair of the heart one night in istanbul. i have been to anfield twice so far, i plan to return.

as tis is a new blog for me, i thought i should let you know some more about me, today, i told you about my mistress, liverpool football cub. its not the last time you will hear me talk about the reds, we have a pretty explosive relationship, she can be a heartless bitch.

ahhh ahh yeahhh the chunky hipster

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