Thursday, 14 April 2011

gimme that daft gimme that punk.....

these guys are daft punk, daft punk is house music. and when i say is, i dont mean that is just the kind of music they create, i mean it in the sense that they are the creators of a genre, pioneers. yes there were others involved, but for me, in house and electronic music,  there is no greater single influence, the yare part of every fan of electronic music, even if the fans do not know it themselves.
from kanye west to lcd soundsystem, everyone in popular music culture owes a lot to these two elusive frenchmen. yes they are french, dont let that put you off. they are as important to thier genre as well as to pop music as a whole as the beatles, tupac and biggie, bob marley and i really dont think im giving them too much credit. they are living legends, reclusive milionaires and truely gifted individuals. their live show is incredible and manage to do what few others can, play electronic music live.

daft punk give me chills, when i watch their live shows, when i see them throw up the pyramid, when they come on in my ipod. and the fact that they are by all accounts, robots, makes them so unique, im not sure anyone one else will ever come close.

the chunky hipster

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