Wednesday, 27 April 2011

fajita up in this piece..................

so, ive been in jozi for about a month now, so far, im into it. it has a real buzz and energy, there is a certain pace to everything, i love that, it keeps me on my toes, it doesnt allow my laziness to kick in. im out and about quite a lot up here and im already developing some favourite spots. tonight, for instance, im going out for mexican food, ive been to the spot about 5 times in 5 weeks now, i love it, cant get enough of their chicken fajita burrito. the name for some reason is eluding me, but ill post it up later for your viewing pleasure. what i really love about this mexican joint is its simplicity, it has about 6 tables and is in no way pretentious, it doesnt take itself too seriously, which is always refreshing, especialy up here in jozi.

anyway, thats all for now, il get that name posted up, so while you are all eating dinner this evening, just know that i be enjoying mine way more than you are enjoying yours.true story.

adios amigos

the chunky hipster

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