Sunday, 10 April 2011

the begining of the begining, before it starts.

so i love music, i always have, i always will. it started with my folks, their tastes, both ecclectic and shamelessly mainstream, gave me a good sense of what is great, and what is just popular. not to say that pop is all bad, but you know, we all like to think that we are the only ones who really get certain artists, and we love the individuality that it makes us feel.

my affair with music started in school with an individual called rock, she was nice, edgy, but i fealt she lost herself right around the time i started high school, i still think about her from time to time tho, good times. with high school came a girl called rap, hip hop to her friends, my mom never approved, she still doesnt when i call her to reminisce. hip hop was different, in an almost taboo way, i never fully understood her, we were just from two different sides of the track, i still enjoy her company, she still teaches me. i fooled around with a girl called indie in my latter years of school, she was scarrily independent and yet crazy nuerotic at the same time. we have a good relationship, we will always be friends, she always has pretty good advice, a calming prescence if you will.

my new girl is electro, rap introduced us, indie doesnt approve, but it feels ok at the moment. she is really loud and incredibly juvenile, some have used the word "simple", but i wouldnt go that far. rap and electro made me love to dj, indie has helped too, they dont let me get locked into a single aspect. electro has a twin called house, ut i dont kiss and tell.

if i had to list some major musical influences who my life wouldnt be the same without (a list i wouldnt usually make without a gun to my head, or turntables...)
1- daft punk
2- phoenix
3-bon iver
4- the kings of leon (believer from the start haters)
6- jay z
7- run dmc
8- dj am, a trak, mark ronson (the homies are pretty handy on the decks, pun intended)

the list is actualy my entire itunes library, i listen to it all, no exceptions.

ahhh ahh yeahhh the chunky hipster

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